By Paulo Malvar, Chief Computational Linguist

Codeq is pleased to announce our Natural Language Processing API is now available through the AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog where developers can find, buy, and quickly deploy software that runs on AWS. Customers can gain access to an incredible variety of technology through the AWS Marketplace, getting a head start on the development process. Our NLP API is a great fit in this ecosystem, in the company of many well known and trusted software providers.

Our AWS Marketplace integration offers different levels of subscription access based on your needs, including a free tier with enough calls to start your NLP fueled experiments. Charges will conveniently appear on the same monthly bill as your AWS infrastructure charges.

When you subscribe to our NLP API, you get access to a vast array of linguistic analysis tools. Our API contains the basic modules you’d expect like tokenization, sentence splitting, part-of-speech tagging and named entity recognition. In addition to these standard modules, you’ll get access to many advanced Deep Learning classification modules, such as our Speech Act, Question, Emotion, Sarcasm, and Abuse classifiers and our Semantic Role Labeling module. Our goal is to make the power of text understanding accessible to developers in a robust and comprehensive package.

We’re excited to see what you create with NLP!